Travelling? The best way to Get Any Visa

A visa is an official stamp of the embassy or high fee of a country in a person’s passport or touring doc formally authorizing him to travel to that country for a period of time stated on the visa for a particular purpose.

A person could also be denied entry into a country of which he has no legitimate visa to enter and could also be repatriated if he manages to enter the country the country but later discovered.

Any person who satisfies the visa rules and laws may be issued a visa. More typically than not, individuals get denied visas not because they don’t seem to be qualified for it, however because they fail to make use of simple knowledge to understand what a visa officer really requires from them. Below are recommendations of what to do earlier than making use of for a visa to a country with high visa-rejection rate:


Is your passport virgin or not? 70 p.c of your success in securing a visa from a high visa-rejection country relies on the reply to this question in line with experts.

A virgin passport is one which has just been issued newly (or in precedent days) however has bought no visa of any country in it. It implies that either the bearer has not traveled out of the shores of his country of residence or that no country has discovered him worthy of being issued a visa etc.

A passport that has misplaced its virginity is the direct opposite of a virgin one. The bearer has probably been to many international locations or that he has received one or more visas from different nations without having physically been to them. This means that these international locations had confidence in him subsequently issuing him the visas.

The vital thing to learn is: for a higher visa success rate, never make a visa application to a high visa-rejection country with a virgin passport. In the event you do, the probability is having your passport stamped “visa refused” thereby discrediting your passport for future visa applications even in other nations’ embassies and of course, the visa price is normally non-refundable.

You’d probably be thinking, “How do I get my passport ‘disvirgined’?” The reply is through Travel and Excursions companies. There are lots of them. For a modest payment, you’d get skilled advice and help in acquiring any visa.

Other questions you want answered earlier than hitting the embassy include:

(a) Do I have a valid letter of invitation?

(b) Have I made a hotel reservation or do I have a pre-arranged place to remain abroad?

(c) What is my monetary status? Have I acquired my bank’s statement?

(d) Have I ever been denied visa by any country before?

(e) Have I been convicted of any criminal offence earlier than?

(f) Who is sponsoring my travel?

(g) What is the function of my travel? Etc.

Of all these, the most important is having different nations’ visas in your passport.

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