The Most Common Types Of Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps widely in style over the last few years have been utilized in enterprise institutions however now several people use rubber stamps extensively in crafting. Rubber-stamping has develop into a peculiar passion the place an individual creates all types of designs through the use of rubber stamps.

A lot earlier rubber stamps have been ordered or bought from office supply stores at any time when required. However nowadays these are available worldwide from local supermarkets to online websites that sell stamps of assorted makes use of and designs.

There are three essential types of rubber stamps in use in the present day

Traditional, pre-inked, and self-inking Rubber stamps are quite frequent pieces of office stationary and a great time-saver for a wide variety of fixed tasks within the office. Most of these can be made of any particular dimension with the text as per your requirements. The color of ink used in stamps may also vary and include red, black, blue, green and purple. Therefore, care should be taken to decide on the correct measurement of the rubber stamp.


Out of the three types, this is the most affordable and may be used for bigger sizes of imprints. Traditional stamps are available in a wide range of styles and sizes and use a separate stamp or ink pad. It’s often mounted on a piece of wood which also acts as a holder. A stamp pad is used to provide ink to the rubber and further switch the ink onto paper. It is refillable with ink when it dries up.


This type typically comes with a mechanism that provides ink to the rubber. These can be used for marking envelopes, letters, and other discipline documents. Self-ink stamps are manufactured with heavy-duty plastics achieved to give clear as well as quality impressions. On the similar time, it shouldn’t be messy, unlike traditional stamps. Hence, a self-inking stamp is also called as a push down stamp because the rubber is pushed down towards the printing surface.

Moreover, the colour of ink used in self-inking stamps varies, these mainly embrace red, black, blue, green and purple. Likewise, one can choose self- inking rubber stamps with completely different words like Approved, Thank You, Paid, Return to sender and many others to save lots of time on such paperwork.


Pre-inked stamps feature an oil primarily based ink which offers a top-quality, strong and crisp impression. A stamp of this nature can last for several thousand impressions without any noticeable decline within the quality of its work. Pre-linked stamps are smaller in measurement and less bulky as compared to the self-inking type. This rubber stamp is the most costly of the three types mentioned.

It produces sharper images than the 2 different types of stamps. Like the self-inking type, this one can also be easily centered or positioned. Nevertheless, it can also be the most costly type and may produce hundreds if not thousands of impressions because of the special type of ink that is used.

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