JetSetFly Trailblazing New Impactful Products and Strategies within the Digital World

The expansion and spread of NFTs have attracted many individuals, entrepreneurs and even corporations. While it is new terrain for a lot of, some are well-grounded within the industry and its technology. After achieving a number of successes as an internet entrepreneur and neuro marketer, JetSetFly, aka Josh King Madrid, is taking his experience to the NFT industry.

Because the founder of, a leading digital supply of the latest NFT news, market updates and tales on cryptocurrency, blockchain and NFT technology, taking a position in the NFT world will not be out of place. With his rich and in depth experience as an internet marketer, he dived into the NFT house early before the NFT book spike in late 2021. He worked as a neuro-marketing consultant for three separate NFT brands, the place he generated a collective $10 million in NFT sales for his purchasers within forty five days of being introduced to the existence of NFTs. Thus, he hopes to duplicate that feat with his own NFT project, PaperBoyz NFT by, which he co-founded.

The upcoming NFT project, PaperBoyz NFT, is a collection of 3,650 animated paperboys that grants holders access to a $a hundred/month premium membership service and a seat to the NFTMag Convention, an enormous three,000-person event in Florida within the winter of 2022. JetSetFly’s plans for PaperBoyz NFT is to ride on the wave of’s success as an alpha community of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Before his foray into the NFT world, JetSetFly had already made his mark as a digital entrepreneur, internet personality and public speaker. He has played pivotal roles in building many seven-figure enterprises and e-commerce companies. He has helped manufacturers serve over 14,000 clients and generated over $20 million in online sales revenue.

As somebody who never fails to take advantage of opportunities, JetSetFly obtained his start with the usage of the Instagram DM Automation Chatbot, developed by his buddy who introduced him to internet marketing. “The instrument positioned us to create, test, and master dozens of new marketing campaigns while learning easy methods to launch viral ads with over ninety% opt-in rates. Because of this, we were able to quadruple our brands’ sales with only half the cost. Since then, I have minimize out every other form of marketing and have strictly used Instagram DM Automation to generate a number of hundred 1000’s of leads, tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, and grow my manufacturers to hundreds of hundreds of followers,” he said.

With his established status as a revered internet personality and a following of 0ver 400,000 on Instagram, JetSetFly has focused on delivering valuable and impactful content material to his ardent followers. His podcast, The Dropout Degree, has over one million downloads with rave critiques from listeners worldwide. He has additionally spoken on many notable levels alongside Fortune 500 CEOs, billionaires and a few of the most prominent social media personalities like Tai Lopez, Eric Thomas, Andy Frisella and The Hip-Hop Preacher.

JetSetFly’s success might be attributed to his prowess and entrepreneurial astuteness. And for the subsequent few years, he hopes to stay committed to the business world, building brands and firms, fostering relationships, advancing himself and serving to others achieve their dreams

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