Internet Marketing Mogul JetSetFly Shares Journey From Zero to Multi-Millionaire

Anybody who has worked for everything they had knows that success doesn’t occur overnight, neither is it a linear path. Self-made multi-millionaire Josh King Madrid, also known as JetSetFly, knows the worth of each dollar he now has because he grew up in humble circumstances. Before being the founder of, the world’s leading news source for NFT alpha on the web environment and a trusted internet marketer by many industry leaders, the entrepreneur didn’t have an asset to his name. But with hard work, he emerged because the 24-yr-old inspiration he is as we speak, rising a marketing and NFT empire from zero to over $10 million in forty five days.

It hasn’t been a decade since JetSetFly first stepped into the world of internet marketing, but he has already constructed multiple seven-determine corporations and e-commerce brands over the last six years alone. JetSetFly has also helped brands generate over $20 million in sales collectively by rigorous and unrivaled online marketing strategies. After dropping out of school, the entrepreneur made his first million at 19, banking on nothing but his passion for helping brands attain monumental success.

Dabbling deeper into the digital area, JetSetFly then explored the opportunities that lay in the NFT landscape. With the epic NFT boom in 2021, the entrepreneur knew he had to take part within the movement. So he started as a neuromarketing consultant for 3 NFT projects, which eventually led him to see the hole within the NFT industry–there was no centralized platform that highlighted a few of the most valuable information NFT buyers ought to focus on. And so, he built, which now grew to be one of the trusted news sources in anything NFT.

Taking inspiration from the success of Bitcoin Magazine, CoinTelegraph, Telegram, and Coindesk, JetSetFly aims to determine as a central hub for NFT enthusiasts to access reliable news, NFT training, and real-time marketplace alerts.

In addition, JetSetFly also co-based PaperBoys NFT by, a collection of three,650 animated paperboys that provides holders with unique seats and access to the NFTMag Conference. The occasion is set to take place in Florida in the winter of 2022 and is expected to cater to over 3,000 attendees. All members of the PaperBoys community will get access to NFT training, the latest news, and an unparalleled alpha community.

Asked if he may share some wisdom with different aspiring entrepreneurs, JetSetFly highlighted that it’s all about having a successful mindset, a perspective that’s always ready to face failures and bounce back from defeat. “Most people just settle for life as it is because that’s how it’s always been. They assume the way reality is to them now is an accurate description of how reality really is and can proceed to be. We had been raised to imagine that we have limits to our potential and you can’t do anything you want to do in life. These beliefs have sunk deep into our subconscious minds and keep most individuals from residing the lives they dream of and deserve to live,” JetSetFly explained. “Those limiting beliefs couldn’t be further from the truth. Reality is bendable, very bendable.”

Over the next five years, JetSetFly aims to increase further to grow to be the largest and most valuable NFT alpha community within the Webthree area, regularly providing audiences with reliable news and access to a world-renowned NFT and blockchain community.

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