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What are escort services

At the mention of the word “escort”, people have very diverse reactions. Some try to stop such conversations in every possible way, while others, on the contrary, are interested and want to know the details, and the rest are neutral about this area of service provision. But how are things really going? In this article you can find basic information about the escort!

The very word “escort” in English means escort or retinue. And this is not prostitution, as most people who do not understand this issue think. The escort sphere is the escort of rich men by beautiful and well-groomed women to various banquets and business negotiations. That is, this is not a “girl who is needed for one night” – this is a girl who is not ashamed to show to society.

Why do men need escorts?

An escort girl, as girls working in the field of escort services are often called, is a beautiful companion who accompanies her boyfriend for a monetary reward when attending various banquets and events. These services are very popular due to the fact that very often busy and rich men need to attend various business meetings, negotiations, banquets and other entertainment events. As a rule, it is not customary to come to such meetings alone, but not all businessmen have a wife or a permanent partner. In this case, men resort to escort services, because this is an excellent solution to the problem. A big bonus when applying to escort services will be that each model will look perfect and he will be able to support any conversation by presenting you from the most favorable side for society.


Escorts get quite good money for their work. Such girls spend the bulk of the money they earn on their appearance. Thus, they always look as neat and well-groomed as possible, and therefore are very popular among wealthy customers. Accordingly, the more orders the escort girl has, the more her income. That is why every dubai escort whatsapp tries to bring her figure and appearance to the ideal, as well as improve communication skills and deliver competent speech. It costs a lot of work, but fully justifies all investments, because the client is always ready to pay good money for the fact that the queen will be present next to him.

When choosing an escort, men, as a rule, adhere to their own standards of beauty, so there are a huge number of models of absolutely different appearance in the escort business. The main thing that men pay attention to when choosing a companion is how solid they will look together with their new partner in society. An escort model can portray both a wife, girlfriend or future bride, as well as a sister, girlfriend or distant relative. Thus, the client pays for the acting talents of an escort model who plays along with him in society. As a result, everyone stays with their interests. The model gets a good financial bonus, and the client gets a beautiful picture that society will believe in.

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