Best Graphics Card for Gamers and Creatives in 2022

It plugs into a proprietary slot on the back on the Xbox Series X/S and “replicates the Xbox Velocity Architecture” (Microsoft’s internal NVMe SSD tech) with peak speeds of up to 2.4GBps of raw I/O throughput. Microsoft says that’s more than 40x the throughput of the Xbox One.  

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When finding that perfect barbecue sauce for Memorial Day weekend or any other grilling affair, the options are plentiful. You’ll find dozens of tangy and sweet sauces in the market and loads more are available from smaller producers online. To find the best barbecue sauce for 2022, I’ve been grilling, squeezing and finger-licking up a storm. I personally gathered 15 bottles of sweet, spicy, smoky and vinegary sauces along with several very enthusiastic barbecue-loving friends (aka taste testers) for an ultimate presummer sauced-up showdown. 

Getting two games a day sounds fun, but I started feeling like I was being buried in presents. Playing two at a time would have slowed things down and made me appreciate the games more, most likely. But hey, this was a review process.

“I’ve seen rental fees of $5 and personally, I have added that promotion when I have offered that to current customers,” one agent told me in a recent chat. “So please feel free to ask for a discount on the modem if you rent it.”

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What about those games?

Part of the magic of the Panic Playdate is its gift of two games a week, which literally appear on-screen as cute wrapped packages each time they’re beamed in overnight via Wi-Fi. While Panic has already announced its game lineup, details on the actual games are scarce. I feel like I’d be spoiling things by explaining all of them, but I’ve played parts of all of them already; a press preview version of the season accelerated the game reveals from once a week to once a day.

We tasted many traditional Kansas City-style sauces for this list, a host of vinegar-heavy Carolina-style sauces, some keto-friendly sauces, Bachan’s cult-favorite Japanese-style sauce and a few Alabama white sauces to see which ones really tickled our taste buds. We tried each one with plain unseasoned chicken breast since it’s a rather blank slate as far as classic grilled foods go. When tasting, we noted things like overall balance, heat, sweetness, overwhelming flavors or anything else that jumped out — both bad and good.

You can read the web comic online

But if you’d like to read the web comic, you can do that right now. Oseman notes it’s available on Tumblr, Tapas or Webtoon. And you can buy the graphic novel as an e-book, such as for Amazon’s Kindle.

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The minimalist wallet category itself has, ironically, become jam-packed, with thousands of designs being sold online and in stores by well-known brands, PRIMA123 high-end boutiques and Chinese up-and-comers. Most of these minimal wallet styles cost between $10 and $40. But there are plenty of wallets with a minimalist design that cost $100 or more — often built from heavy-duty materials, like high-quality leather, or stocked with extra features, like a bottle opener or multitool. So if you’re looking for a compact wallet with a slim profile design that does “more,” you’re not hurting for choices.

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Making dollars

Lahiru Darsha started posting videos about Depp v. Heard when he felt like the trial wasn’t going the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s way. Soon, Darsha was posting short video snippets — less than 2 minutes — on his YouTube channel, Redux Dreams Lab.

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