Accessories & Jewelry For Men –

Necklaces – Decorative, practical, medical, or religious. As a military man I wore my dog tags for six years-never really got used to it although as I’m not a necklace wearer. I do know different males who love their gold chains, and put on them 24/7 even on the seaside. Necklaces are a straightforward piece of jewelry to wear because they are often hidden under the clothing. Since only a sliver could be seen by others, they create a feeling of curiosity and can thus be an excellent dialog starter. As for length and number to be worn-much less is extra. Two is about probably the most I recommend. For length, a minimum of six to eight inches above your navel is an efficient normal.

Watches – A useful piece of jewelry, watches are as safe as wedding ceremony rings and acceptable to wear in all circumstances besides black tie events (though this is an outdated rule adopted by few). Basically the easier the watch, the dressier it is. A plain black leather-based strap and easy silver timepiece with Arabic or Roman numerals is flexible and classic. Metal watches are high quality for fits and sport jackets, while cloth bands and plastic watches ought to be reserved for informal wear.

Wilsdorf’s success in proving the wristwatch’s potential accuracy was an integral step in convincing the buying public that this method of timekeeping had a future and deserved a place on males’s wrists. Following his achievements in this discipline, Wilsdorf realized that the next problem can be making a watch tough enough to stand up to the each day rigors of life.

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